Our Set implementation is done! We just have a few things to wrap up.

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There’s another fun experiment you can do now: build Dict on top of what we’ve already got!

Dicts are sets of keys associated with values. In fact, core’s Set is actually Dict comparable (). All the Set functions there are wrappers over the Dict functions.

Since we’ve already got key management, you’ll just need to write some code to retrieve values. Core’s Dict implementation will be a great reference (although it uses red/black trees instead of AVL trees.) Here’s how you can change the Set constructors to get started:

type Dict comparable a
    = Tree Int comparable a (Dict comparable a) (Dict comparable a)
    | Empty



The implementation of remove I wrote originally had a bug. The tree rooted at the item for removal would be rebalanced, but the parents wouldn’t be. That means that if you removed all the items on one side of the tree, it would become more and more unbalanced.

Try this yourself by creating a set, then removing all the items in the left side. The tree will become more and more unbalanced the more items you remove from it. An easy replication: List.range 1 10 |> fromList |> remove 1 |> remove 2 |> remove 3.

We fix this by rebalancing the tree after each removal:

remove : comparable -> Set comparable -> Set comparable
remove item set =
    case set of
        Empty ->

        Tree _ head left right ->
            if item < head then
                tree head (remove item left) right |> balance
            else if item > head then
                tree head left (remove item right) |> balance
                union left right

Thanks to Ilias Van Peer for the catch!


Some posts had incorrect Set constructors. This happened because I changed the set internals several times while writing the posts. I thought I got them all, but some slipped through. These have all been corrected.

Tons of people wrote in about this. You’re all awesome; thank you!