Automate your Python environment with pyenv

Managing different versions of Python is a pain. For example, if you’re working on two projects that use different versions of Django, it gets really »

I'm sick. I'm shipping tomorrow anyway.

One of the big things I took away from Just Fucking Ship (which yes, you should buy and read immediately thanks for asking) was that I »

So, how's setattr going?

(context: setattr is Python training to keep your skills sharp and your toolbox full. Here's why I'm building it and the Season 1 announcement) So... it's »

Setattr Season 1

Let's cut to the chase: today, setattr season 1: developer tools is available for preorder on Gumroad, with release January 6, 2015. It's going to cover »

test APIs properly with

When you're building API integrations, how do you test the part of your code that talks to the remote server? I used to run a subset »