You know how it takes so much effort to produce even the simplest of programs when JSON parsing is involved? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could breeze right on by that step and get on with writing your business logic?

This is what you’ll get with The JSON Survival Kit, a short ebook on JSON decoding in Elm. You’ll learn how to piece the JSON decoder API together in a way that works for your situation so you can get back to solving your problems. Get step-by-step instructions for avoiding boilerplate, write decoders so adapting to new data is a breeze, and finally understand why the time and effort is worth it (hint: it so is.)

Never get stuck on JSON Decoding again!

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"I've been working on this Elm JSON Decoder for days and I haven't made any progress… send help!"

Find your way with The JSON Survival Kit, a short ebook that shows you the bigger picture of Elm's Json.Decode library. Slap your email in the box on this page and I'll send you a sample: Chapter 2: Get What You Need Out of JSON Objects.

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The JSON Survival Kit by Brian Hicks